Terms Of Use

Our Website and applications are governed by the terms of use mentioned below. MobiClean has a terms of use (TOU) created to aim and describe the usage and collection of information when our services are used. This Terms Of Use is a legal agreement between the user and MobiClean which is developed by AdCounty Media India Pvt Ltd.

1.  Consent

When you use MobiClean, the terms and conditions in the policy are all agreed and bound. As the application or website is downloaded and installed, you are bound by the policy defined. If there are terms which do not fit into your criteria, then you should stop using the website, application or any other of our products and services.

2.  Privacy Policy

Terms of use regulates the Privacy Policy. When you access or use our website/application, you need to abide by the guidelines and policies stated in the privacy policy. For any information related to the privacy policy you can visit the website. Privacy Policy

3.  Advertisement Policy

Terms of use also regulates the Advertisement policy. When you use or access the website or application of MobiClean you are subjected to the policies and guidelines described in the advertisement policy of MobiClean. For more information on the same, you can check out this link advertisement policy

4.  Basic Requirements

The consent of the user to these terms of use and the privacy policy is mandatory before the use of this application. By using this app, you allow the application to access information, but not limited to, such as username, application history, photos, Wi-Fi connection, media, camera,history, location and device id.

5.  Precautions

Certain features in MobiClean can lead to uninstallation or deletion of files including removal of partial or complete data. The risks and damages associated with MobiClean usage are voluntarily agreed by the user. Once installed, you should read the instructions carefully about its requirements being met with your expectations.

6.  Intellectual Property Rights

The applications and logos trademark are copyright ownership of AdCounty Media India Pvt Ltd and follows the country laws with international conventions and standards. Our services can only be used personally and not commercially in any circumstances.

Unless your agreement is made with MobiClean, you cannot use the trademark for any personal purposes at all.

The rights of the usage of the application are reserved by us. But you can retain the copyright or other notices and trademarks for proprietary purposes when you download the app for personal use.

All the legal and equitable remedies are bound when you use the application as it is to safeguard our rights to intellectual property.

7.  License

The object code of the application is restricted and limited to non-commercial purposes. But you can keep a copy of the object code just for backup purposes.

You are not permitted to violate the rights and obligations of the TOU mentioned in the agreement. Your rights of usage would be terminated in case of any attempt to obligate the TOU. You must destroy the archived copies and the originals upon termination. You are granted all rights for such a case by AdCounty Media India Pvt Ltd.

8.  Infringement Indemnity

MobiClean is not liable for any claims related to losses or damages including costs and expenses of attorney fees as well which might arise out of any misuse by the user of the services and the content provided on the app or the website.

9.  No Warranty

There is no warranty of the app being used smoothly and error free for the cases, but not limited to, mentioned below:

  • Application modification without approvals in writing by AdCounty Media India Pvt Ltd.

  • Any accident or damage and abuse or misuse of errors or

  • Any unauthorized operating or power setting.

10.  Limitation of Liability

MobiClean is not responsible for any warranty in any manner which is mentioned outside of the TOU. MobiClean or its affiliates are not liable for warranties which include the merchantability not mentioned in the TOU.

MobiClean is not liable for any losses or damages in any circumstances which is caused by action irrespective of the claim otherwise permitted under law.

11.  Copyright

Unless provided by MobiClean in a prior written consent, an end user is not entitled to use any of the trademarks or other proprietary rights as a style or domain name or any business or trading name in any circumstances.

In case if you are a copyright owner and have a good faith for any of the content’s infringement or interferences with the intellectual property, you can submit the notice to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and send us a copy of the information as below:

  • Signature of the representative authorized to do so to act on behalf of the owner as an exclusive right is infringed allegedly.

  • The intellectual property which has a clear description has been infringed allegedly.

  • Copyright of statement of description has been infringed allegedly.

  • Statement that proves the accuracy of the information mentioned above under penalty and proves you are copyright owner of the same.

The intellectual property rights of the users at MobiClean strive to act quickly at all such infringement notices. Any failure to comply the given requirements in the section would make your notice to be invalid which shall be agreed by you.

12.  General Terms

The terms of service comprise of the entire agreement between MobiClean and the user. The entire oral and written communication along with negotiations and proposals made outside of it is replaced by the agreement.

MobiClean is not liable for failing to fulfil the obligations which results in circumstances that are beyond control include but are not limited to civil or military authorities or floods and fire along with accidents and terrorism and riots.The use of application is a consent you give that MobiClean shall imply the equitable or legal remedies which secure the intellectual property and confidential information.

13.  Settlement of Disputes

MobiClean should be the first point of contact to resolve or attempt to resolve any dispute informally. The agreement under the Google Play guidelines shall be resolved with immediate effect.

TOU has governance and interpretation under the Indian law. The legal suits related to the TOU shall be settled as per the state courts in the country. The access to application is agreed by the user under the jurisdiction of the courts in India.

14.  Disclaimer

By using MobiClean, you give your consent that any reliance on any opinion or statement or advice or information is at your own risk and not be taken against MobiClean for legal or personal purposes.

MobiClean holds the right in sole discretion to edit or omit any part of the application or rectify the errors of the MobiClean application.

No prior notice would be given by MobiClean for any change of any aspect of the application including the time and services along with content and product or prices in the application.

15.  Contact Us

You can contact us at the email address support@mobiclean.co for any queries or concerns related to the app or any policy or privacy practices.

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