Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MobiClean (also referred to as Application, App, We, Our, etc.) is transparent in terms of collection, sharing and using the data of our customers. The Privacy Policy of MobiClean is designed with an aim to tell our users (also, referred to as You) about the collection of information and its use with respect to the use of the application.

It is important to mention here that the download or use of this application implies your consent to this privacy policy. If you disagree with the policy, you may refrain from using our application.

Personal Data Processing

Everything that you need to know about our application or product and its features will be available to you online on our website. However, some important information will need your agreement due to the information they collect. Hence, we have made attempts so that you can use our app without any hassle by sharing details about the data we collect for the application to perform smoothly. Here is the information about the permissions we will need in order to process the download.

  • Bluetooth/ Bluetooth admin: This permission is required for displaying the Bluetooth status ON/OFF in Device Information module of the app.

  • Change WiFi Status : Whenever the app needs access to the internet, this permission is required.

  • Kill Background Process: Slowing down of RAM is common in smart gadgets. With this permission, you let us stop the background processes that are adversely affecting the RAM and speed up the device.

  • Clear App Cache: Junk files can be cleared with this permission.

  • Write external storage/read external storage: To access media and files when Junk Cleaner, Social Cleaner, File Manager, Duplicates Cleaner or the Antivirus module of the app is used, this permission is needed

  • Get Package Size: This permission is required to read the size of the apps in use.

  • Foreground Service: For real-time protection of our service, we need this permission.

  • Request Delete Packages: Any app and other malicious apps can be deleted or uninstalled with this permission.

Information Collected by Us

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is such an information that differentiate the unique identity of an individual stored within a mobile device or application. We only collect the below mentioned PII which is necessary to install the application. It includes:

  • Device Serial Number: Every device is unique and so are the users. We collect device serial number so we can track who the user is.

  • IP address: We also collect the IP address of the device to identify a unique user.

  • Email Address: This information is collected to get in touch with the users when needed.

  • Name: This is required when a user contacts us. This helps us address you better.

Non PII or Non personally Identifiable Information

Anything that is not personal and not included in the above points is a non-personal information. Here is a list of those Non PII

  • Manufacturer of your device, the build and the model

  • OS or operating system and the language of the device

Apart from our process, we take the help of third-party such as Google or Firebase so that we can collect few other important information. This helps us track the activities of our users and check the features they use frequently. This lets us improve our app and the features in it.

Third Party Information

Although we use third party for the collection of data, their policies may vary and we are not responsible for any disagreement you have with their policies. It is imperative that you read third-party policies before you use those features or apps.

Third Party Analytics Information

This feature is used to know what application you use, how many times you download those apps and also check the number of times you use each app.

Information on Social Media

You can use our app or website in order to share information, post or reviews on social media. As social media platforms are used, we advice users to read our social media privacy policy.

Best Practice of Storing, Sharing and Collection Information

We ensure that the data we collect are shared and stored in a way that we only enhance our app and features for ensuring better user experience. We don’t use the data collected in any unethical way.

We also share notifications to customers through email address as per the email address agreement. No matter what information has been collected, they are never shared with third parties.


Tracking of users through the use of app is done by analytics. User behavior is determined with the help of this.

Information Disclosure

We will disclose the data stored only when there is a court order, or the business has been merged. Apart from these situations, we never share your data.


Ads services permit the use of User’s data for the purpose of advertising communication such as banner ads and other advertisements on this application, possibly based on the interest of the user. It doesn’t mean the sharing of personal data for the above purpose. We implement third party monetization SDKs in our app. They may access your information for ad optimization. The information may include GAID(Google Advertising ID on Android devices), region(precisely the location where a given language is used), IP address or location information. Our third party monetization partners are not governed by this Policy as they have their individual privacy policy which can be viewed from their websites. We have no control or access over any of the third parties. The partners we are working with include but not limited to Google AdMob(Google LLC’s monetization platform), Facebook Audience Network(monetization platform offered by Facebook, Inc.), MoPub(monetization platform of Twitter, Inc.), Smaato, etc.

Third-party ads providers are deemed to be independent data controllers under GDPR. You can view those ads providers' privacy policy to learn more how your data to be collected and processed by those ads providers. For convenience, we've also listed those providers below with whom we have cooperated. If you are not interested to see the ads from our partners, please click on the link from respective advertiser below and follow the instructions.



Please feel free to email us on for any query, concern or feedback.


We send newsletters to our users through the email addresses. These newsletters are about general information and if there is any news about policy or agreement. We also make special announcements.

No Warranties

All information shared on the website and app are accurate. However, we don’t guarantee that the contents available are appropriate, complete, adequate, meet the requirements, and accessible anyway.

Spam and Information Sale

We hate spam and also advice you stay away from spams. We don’t share your information to third parties.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, MobiClean shall be liable for any incidental, consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, special or incidental damages, including without limitation, any claims, arising in connection with use of application/website by any parties or in connection with any error, performance failure, omission, interruption, delay in operation or transmission, defect, computer virus, line system failure, loss of data, loss of use related to website and application or any application and website operated by any other third party or any content of this application and website or any other application and website, whether under a contract, tort or any other theory of liability, even if MobiClean is aware of any possibility of such damages. Indemnification

You shall indemnify, defend and hold MobiClean and website harmless from and against all claims, damages, demands, expenses, losses, costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising or related to any misuse by the user of the services, content, and any information shared on the site or application.


All the information shared on our website and application has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Neither MobiClean nor the website claims any warranty to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or timeliness of the materials, reliability of any statement, suggestions, advice, opinions, views or other information distributed through our application or website. Any person or entity that rely on any such statement, opinion, advice, or any information obtained from the website or application shall be liable at their own risk. MobiClean will not be held responsible to any person for any misinterpretation or error in information or any claim that may arise from reliance upon the information. In its sole discretion, MobiClean reserves complete right to correct any error or omit any portion of the website or application, for any legal or personal purposes. MobiClean authorizes any change or discontinuation of any aspect of website or application at any time which includes content, services or products described on the website or application without prior notice.

Privacy Policy Changes

We change the privacy policy by changing and updating our app. The features are modified depending on the user feedback and agreements. We will let you know of all changes on our page. Follow us regularly for regular updates.

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