No compromise is made at MobiClean in the values set by us. Our firm "Adcounty Media India Private Limited" has been oriented in lines with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to make it more compliant. All the legal residents and EU citizens compliance requirements have been fulfilled by thorough focus.

Product Data

There is no data collection of users such as personal information without their consent. The only focus is to give an exquisite user experience for which we collect certain data related to technical and functional background which in turn leads to consistent and better performance of the product. The following data is used by default for the installer launch:

Series of events that describe the process from scratch

We keep the count of users who have downloaded and installed the software which help us track and understand the effectiveness of the installers.

Telemetry data

Telemetry data helps us to analyze the features used by the users and improve the quality and usability of the software.

There is no way of personal data to get identified as the data at MobiClean is anonymous.

Product Support

MobiClean offers many options to report an issue or any feature through email and feedback mechanism. It is necessary to make a follow up on support user email address.

Premium Content and Product News

The user needs to share their email address to subscribe to get blog emails or emails related to the product. The information is stored safely, and we never send emails that are not relevant and despise spams. You can also remove your email id from the list by selecting edit email settings.

Additional Data Rights

All legal EU residents and citizens, they fall under GDPR as data subjects. They have certain rights and are shared as below:

  • You can access and request all personal information from controller or data processor (MobiClean or payment processor as well)

  • You can request a copy of the download of all the personal data and information in a file and you will receive it within 30 days of your request

  • All or some of the personal data can be removed as per your request within 30 days of request receipt.

Removal of Personal Details from Our System

In case of any queries or concerns including questions about information stored about you and removal or edit any Personally Identifiable Information can be done by contacting at

Any such request would take about 30 days to be handled from the date of receipt. Any billing information would need a forward to the respective data processor which is used for processing payments.

MobiClean is not liable for third party data processors GDPR compliance such as Google Payments Limited. Any request forwarded by data subject (user) is not changed or replaced by MobiClean. We encourage the users to follow up with data processors regarding their request status.

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