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Cookies are an important aspect of our website management when you browse our website Our cookie policy ensures that the data gathering, and handling of cookies is private. The privacy of our customers is utmost priority and we understand the value of your private data. Your personal information stays confidential.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data which are sent by the website to the user’s browser and stored when they browse it. Each time a user loads the website on a browser, it sends the cookie which has related information about user’s last history on usage of the website. It is a tool which helps the website remember the last activities done by the user so that it can track the requirements and make a better approach. This can be related to logging in or clicking in any buttons or reading pages on the site from even a decade ago.

How Cookies are used by MobiClean?

Just like other websites we too use cookies. It is a part of our improvement program where we try to understand the need of the customer and the most visited area of the website. We use it to enhance the customer experience and give them what is required. The cookies that we use are mentioned below:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: There are some cookies which are mandate for a website to function efficiently. Secure areas of our website can be logged on using such cookies but are not limited to such use.

  • Performance/Analytical Cookies: It is a point of recognizing the user’s visits made on the website. It is also a gateway for us to know how the users move around our website and help in quantify and qualify about visitor’s choices. It gives us traces on which area of the website is popular and if it needs any amendments.

  • Functionality Cookies: We try and make your visit customized by keeping you logged in while you move around on the website. It also includes keeping your cart as is from where you left it the last time. All these helps to improve the functional performance of the website.

What Happens with Social Networks?

Social network has become a huge part of internet today. When you share the website content to your friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks, you use cookie settings of such social media apps and websites. There is no control from our end on such cookie management. Therefore, it is better you go through the cookie policy of such apps and websites related to social network before you share it. When you use our website, you agree that such cookies can be placed on your devices through it.

How to Manage Cookies?

Managing cookies is easy and you can restrict or give full access for cookies to be accepted or refused. You can also refer to the online help files available regarding managing your cookies on your web browser. For further information you can visit

It is better to note that if you refuse to accept our cookies then some additional features of the websites cannot be accessed by you the way it should be. You may also be denied access to some part of the website due to this reason.

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