Ad Policy

MobiClean believes that the personal data being used for display advertisement should be transparent enough when it is used, collected and shared.

All the data that is collected and used for such advertisement purposes has been tagged under a policy which is developed in the interest of the end user to describe the use and meaning of such data.

When you sign up to download and install our application, you need to authorize us to use and collect such data. In case of any disagreement, you ensure that using such application could be harmful and dangerous from data standpoint. You can take a quick look at our privacy policy for MobiClean at Privacy Policy

1.  What type of data information is collected by us on the application?

Ideally, there is no data collection done at our end. All we do is check the below mentioned points on your device. It is for the better user experience and enhancement purposes.

Ad Information – The information is all about the personalized content and online ads which have been served to you. The number of times an ad has been served and whether you have clicked on the ad or ever interacted with it is identified from this information.

App Information – It is about the apps that are installed on your device to gain more insights for ads.

2. What is the usability of such information?

Promotion of apps and the way ads are served – It is used for promoting advertisement and apps along with content on mobile apps.

App Information – This information helps us to build an approach and streamline the ads displayed on the device.

3. Advertisement Policy Changes

This page has all the information about the advertisement policy. We would suggest you to keep checking this page so that you are updated with the changes done to such advertisement policy. It is an intermittent activity to ensure that the data is protected, and we do not get into any data issues. However, in case of any disagreement, you should immediately discontinue the usage of this app. Any changes done to the advertisement policy would be updated on this page.

4. Contact Us

In case of any concerns or questions related to our advertisement policy or the practices about the application, you can contact us on

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